Friday, August 5, 2011


I've never been good with writing fiction. I love reading it; am always happier when I have a good book on hand...but writing fiction has never been a strong point for me.

In college I took a creative writing class. I enjoyed the poetry exercises. I felt I had a knack of pairing words together to make really unique scenes and settings. I liked being able to tell a story in a small space without having to really overwhelm myself with thoughts of *pl0t*.

I did write a short story that semester I really liked. It is about a girl who turns into a bird. I feel like there is something there, something to expand on. I had this space and word limit, so I feel like the explanation, the plot, the setting is jumbled. I have wanted to work on it, and maybe try and make it better. Maybe let it out of the box and have a life of its own.

Then, I keep thinking about my friend P. I lost him almost six years ago. I feel like that friendship is something that needs to be written about. The time frame fits. Maybe it could go together.

Ideas and thoughts keep rattling around my head like a rock stuck in an engine. I can't ignore it. The fact that I have the thoughts is a good sign though, right? Maybe, I can really do something with it?

I hope so.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I have shared coffee with everyone I have ever cared about. My Grandmother, aunts, father, my friends, many boyfriends, a few girlfriends, coworkers.

Coffee has been savored while reading books or watching movies, or taking the dog for a walk. I have had coffee at old school cafe's in Butte, Montana and at the kitchen counter of a friend whose heart had just been misused.

"Meeting for Coffee" is probably my favorite euphemism of all time. When you meet for coffee, sure you probably will be drinking coffee at some point, but what it really means is to have an excuse to take time out of your life for someone else. To sit and share, to catch up, to day dream. To find a connect with someone else. It is often a first date, or a chance to meet up with a friend you haven't seen in 6 months. In my experience, the coffee usually sits idle long before the conversation does.

"or the rock band tesla"-meg

That thing people do at coffee shop drive-throughs, where you buy the coffee of the person behind you, which is supposed to start this huge train of love, and get your morning off right. This has never happened to me.

I love coffee. Pretty much everyone I know does. I am drinking a really nice cup of it right now, the beans from a local coffee shop that does its own roasting.

We use a French Press in our house. There really isn't any other way of making coffee in our mind, but we settle for what we can get when we go out to eat, etc.

Temperature is vital. The water should not boil, and if it does, only for a few seconds. I know this, but not everyone does. Then, with a French Press, you need to let the coffee rest for a few minutes to let it brew. Coffee

When it is right, it is right.