Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adventure Part 1.

Oi, I have been awful about updating--and I am sorry about that, for myself and for those who may read, even sporadically. March has so far been the most exciting month of 2012, which is good and bad--good because excitement is fun. It means adventure and new friends, and even a little bit death defying and harrowing at times. Bad because--who knows if the other 9 months of the year can live up to it...but considering I have many trips planned for 2012, and there are some changes on the horizon--I truly think March is just the beginning of a great year.
First off--the first weekend of March brought me to Gaia's Womb. I only had to drive through a snow storm that lasted the entire trip to get there. What should only have taken about 4.5 hours, took me almost 9 hours from La Crosse to Racine, WI at the Dekoven Center where this year's retreat was being held. Driving 30 miles on the interstate while my little green Mayfly (Nissan Sentra) was continuously pelted with icy rain snow slush by giant semi trucks left me frazzled--when I took a wrong exit because the exit sign was covered in snow, I pretty much lost it. I am a sensitive person, an empathetic person, and although I am no stranger to crying, I do not have panic attacks--but on this trip, my dear friends, I lost my shit. After having a small emotional break down on the side of the road, I pulled myself together enough to go into a nearby diner and relieve my aching bladder. As I did, my phone began to chime--and the person on the other end was none other than the amazing M.C.Matz, who had my number from a trip in 2011 to visit me during the Women, Words, and Wheels weekend. Oh, to hear a friendly voice--and it was exactly what I needed to calm my nerves, get directions, and find my way to the room of warm light I knew was waiting for me. My car only spun out of control two times--but knowing lovely faces, some already friends, and some to become new ones were waiting for me, reassured me I would arrive safely.
The weekend was just amazing. I don't know if I can even put into words how good it was for everyone there--the thing about Gaia's Womb is it is different for everyone--but I will just say I found it exactly when I was supposed to. I know now that there is network of people who I can share certain things with--I have found it, and there is no going back. For better or worse, I came out of that weekend a new person. I am also particularly grateful that the weekend gave me the opportunity to see some friends who I had not had the chance to yet get very close to--after G's.W. we are now on the path to long time friendship.

The trip home was much easier. I did get a little lost in Racine looking for a suitable place to fuel up--but I pride myself on my navigational skills, and I was able to make it to the interstate with very little lost time. One thing Gaia's Womb opened in me is a clearer creative eye. Here are a few photographs of the grounds:

"Liminal Space"

"A Path"

"A Tree for Madeline"

Adventure Part II will come tomorrow--I have the new Lars Von Trier film to watch, some knitting to knit and coffee to drink...


  1. Were you aware that the last tree looks like a pregnant woman with a big butt? It's a beautiful tree.

    1. Hey, apparently I can reply to these comments! Awesome--No, I didn't realize that, but I totally see what you mean. Also love you. I think we need to get together and do some photos really soon. <3