Friday, June 1, 2012

Fast as You Can

One of my favorite people always talks about his life going a Million Miles an Hour, and this is how I have been feeling about my life as well.

I have not meant to leave this blog so quiet, but life really has been going as fast as it can for me. 

Currently, I am sitting in my Aunt Kim's home, writing on a borrowed computer, listening to the Beatle's White Album, but Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is my favorite and it is 45 years old today.  Where will I be when I am 45, or 64?

 I flew out to Washington State last week to visit my family. When I left, I lived in Wisconsin, and when I return I will live in Minnesota.  

But, what I really want to say is, in the last month and a half, I have seen the impossible happen. I have witnessed a magnificent musician achieve her goals. I have read in the library of my favorite author and assisted one of my photographic heros while he made amazing images of women who inspire me. 

And today, a friend of great distances has inquired about a collaboration of her words and my photographs. Magic happens, it is real. 

Life is fast, it is easy to fall behind--but try to keep up, go as fast as you can. 

"the sun is up, 
the sky is blue, 
it's beautiful 
and so are you"- John Lennon

1 comment:

  1. Dream come true,
    It can happen to you,
    If you're young at heart...

    Let me know when the dusts settles. I want to visit!!

    {{{*hugs*}}} & much love