Sunday, July 8, 2012

Opening Windows

We have been experiencing a heat wave here in the Midwest--but yesterday morning the temperatures finally dropped and Ethan and I were able to investigate how exactly to open our storm windows.  For this entire last month in our new house, only a few of the windows opened.  We knew the others had to, but with our busy schedules and then ensuing heat, we admittedly allowed ourselves to partake in our air conditioning--a luxury we have only ever used in the last year of our seven years together. Somewhere in between his working in a meat cooler with several layers on to keep warm even in the height of summer, and myself working in a kitchen with very poor humidity control--we decided we would use our air conditioning when the temperatures reached the mid nineties or higher.  Luckily, this only lasts a few days at the most.  Using the conditioning gives us headaches, and generally, I believe, keeps us from acclimating to the world in the ways we need to survive.

Last weekend was particularly bad in terms of temperature and my mood.  I had Monday free, so I was determined to find the yarn shop in Rochester and maybe someplace good to eat.  I set out on my adventure, and quickly began to sweat so profusely as well as simultaneously pelted by the moisture sucking wind,  I became pretty disoriented and eventually lost. I drove right past the shop without even noticing it.

I ended up coming home and with all the windows shut, and the majority without a known way to open  them--I began to feel claustrophobic.  The way I dealt with this was by writing, which helped a lot and calmed me down. It wasn't until yesterday, with the break in the heat that we discovered how to open the rest of the windows-and I am finally beginning to feel a little at home.

The wind can breath through my home, I can listen to the bugs and leaves outside of my creative writing space and magically I feel no longer a prisoner--but a girl who made a choice. A choice to live somewhere else, to learn new things, to try.

Just the simple act of opening windows brought me new life.  I felt excited about exploring my neighborhood, which has some amazing bike trails just blocks away from our front yard.

And because the world needs more photos of flowers, here are two of the images from our hike yesterday. It was really a good Saturday, filled with our first visit to the Rochester Farmers Market, exercise, and lots of communication with friends.


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