Monday, November 18, 2013

Starting Today

Lately I have been thinking a lot about writing and how it fits into my life.  As I have shared in previous posts and as most people who may read this blog know, I work full time for a Food Cooperative in Minnesota.  I manage the kitchen and bakery, preparing fresh foods for our shoppers.  Fifteen years ago if you asked me if this is what I expected to be doing with my life, I would have told you no.  I thought I would have been a school teacher--because that is what I believed people who loved reading and writing grew up to be.  

I realize that as a manager I am a teacher in many ways, and it is something in which I am finding a lot of joy.  It is strange when I talk to my friends about my job--they seem to find it interesting but for me it is just the thing I do.  Yet in the last year I have been finding a true passion for the work. 

I have been wanting to write. Since I moved from La Crosse, I haven't been doing my freelance writing  for the local women's magazine.   The extra hours I spent doing freelance work are now spent at the Co-op, which means my free time is really for me. 

Then it occurred to me that I could write about my work.  I could write about food and what I learn working for a cooperative.  It is what I do, it is what I know.  

I am so fortunate to know and call some very talented writers and artists my friends--and every writer I have ever talked with has said you have to make time to write.   

I have started stories--the problem is finishing them.  I have thoughts swirling around my head, the beginnings of characters and plot.   The problem is making the time and carving out the schedule to make this truly something. 

Two nights ago Ethan and I were driving to La Crosse to see a band play at the all ages venue, the Warehouse.  It was a full moon, and typically the drive from Rochester to La Crosse is flat and a little boring, but at night with the fields illuminated by a lunar glow it was beautiful.  I had a little bit of a cry, thinking about traveling this road back and forth to be with people I love. 

I am turning 30 in February, and cliche as it may be, I am starting to feel emotional about the change.  It isn't so much the getting older as really seeing the shifts in my life. 

I am an adult, I have what could be a very fulfilling career.  I have a partner who I have been with for nearly a decade. And I have a really sweet dog who is getting older. 

These are the things that matter in my life. These are the things I need to write about and frequently. I believe that it is within these experiences I will truly find the words for the stories I want to create. 

I start today. 


Ego Likeness at the Warehouse, La Crosse, WI. November 16th, 2013.  Before their set my friends and I were talking with them and they thanked us for coming out to their show in the middle of nowhere.  I traveled a little over an hour to see them.  The first time they played in La Crosse I didn't even know they were appearing, so I made it point to make this show.

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