Monday, March 30, 2015

Taking Time to Honor Those I Love...

Today marks the birthdays of two people I love dearly. My best friend and chosen sister and my Aunt   There's something auspicious about two people sharing a birthday.  And it is especially meaningful that these two wonderfully brilliant, passionate Aries women are connected to me in this way.

Unfortunately I am unable to spend the day with the birthday girls. My Aunt lives in the Pacific Northwest-- my Best Friend just over the border in Wisconsin--which isn't far, but life being what it is means schedules don't always come together.

To celebrate their birthdays I decided a trip to the conservatory in St. Paul was in order.  Today I can't eat cake and drink wine with my loved ones, but I can make the effort to seek out beauty and color in their honor.  And in the presence of this captive splendor, I held these women in my mind.  These two who are part of my life, spirit, and blood; for them I made a silent wish that this year blesses them with the same kindness they have shown me.

I looked upon the flowers: hundreds of tulips, freesia, lilies, hyacinth and pansies. Spring flowers blooming under a glass dome, their perfume a promise of the true spring that will be making her presence known before long.  Amidst the array of colors and the laughter of children, a calm came over me.

I knew I would be ok.

To know I have the support of such loving people makes me feel like I can push through the days.

It's not always easy.  Exhaustion, disillusion, sometimes rage can feel like my constant companions.

Yet, it's up to me to take the time, to make the effort, to find the color in what sometimes feels like an endless, washed out winter landscape.

And that is love. The hot house garden trapped under the ceiling of our flesh and bone. And it's us, each other, our friends and family who visit this garden of love, who acknowledge it and take the memory of it with them into the world.

Today, March 30th--the birthday of my best friend and my aunt,  I have no physical gift to give you...but know I see your beauty, I see YOU, and I thank you from the deepest part of myself for sharing your love, life and light with me.

Happy Birthday!